[Sermons] Roy Hession's Gospel Messages (Year 1908 - 1992)
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@ Roy Hession, Year 1908 - 1992
He was a famous post-war evangelist. He wrote many famous Christian classics including "The Calvary Road." Which is currently have currently sold over 1 million copies world-wide. Although a British evangelist, Dr. Hession has spent considerable time ministering in the States under the sponsorship of Worldwide Evangelization Crusade (Ft. Washington, Pa.). This missionary organization was founded in 1914 by C.T Studd, and was directed for many years by his son-in-law, Norman Grubb. In 1947 Hession met leaders of the East African Church which was then experiencing a sweeping revival, and recognized his deep personal need. It was like starting the Christian life over as he came humbly to the Cross. The principles which the Lord taught him were first published in 1950 as The Calvary Road and are now available in over 70 languages! Hession's other titles include We Would See Jesus and Be Filled Now.
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