[Sermons] Rolfe Barnard's Gospel Messages (1904 - 1969)
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@ Rolfe Barnard, Year 1904 - 1969
He was evidently a prophet from God for the 20th Century. With a profound sense of the absolute sovereignty and glory of Jesus Christ, he was able to preach a message that produced conviction of sin. He maintained through all his ministry what he himself called a "sweetheart love for the Lord Jesus," and it is most surely apparent in his messages. He was an acclaimed preacher of primarily the 1940's and 1950's.About 100,000 professed faith in Christ during his decades of preaching. He was initially associated with John R.Rice in the 1940's. However,after giving a scriptural based message on John 6 Before rice and some other fundamentalist leaders he was kicked out of the Fundamentalist camp. He then went on the independent circuit. His preaching tours as an evangelist were mainly in the American south.But he also ministered in the mid-west and Canada as well.
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