[Sermons] Vance Havner's Gospel Messages (Year 1901 - 1986)
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@ Vance Havner, Year 1901 - 1986
For over 70 years, the church was blessed and challenged by the prophetic ministry of Vance Havner. His style and burden was prophetic similar to the ministry of A.W. Tozer calling the Church to revival. His influence extended to a national level, but Dr. Havner's approach was always to minister where God directed, regardless of the size of the church. His appeal and influence transcended denominational lines, and he spoke to many different groups of people. Throughout his ministry, Vance Havner lived and preached that a Christian should should exhibit faithfulness to Jesus in all areas of life. He taught that the Christian should attend to, "the outliving of the inliving Christ." Havner wrote, "To some, Christianity is an argument. To many, it is a performance. To a few, it is an experience."
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