[Sermons] Alan Redpath's Gospel Messages (Year 1907 - 1989)
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@ Alan Redpath, Year 1907 - 1989
Redpath was a well-known preacher from England who pastored the famous Moody church in chicago for 7 years. He ministered at Keswick conventions and also deeper life meetings on the subject of revival, prayer, full-surrender. He spent the later years of his life ministering Capernwray bible school movement founded by Major Ian Thomas. Dr. Redpath authored six books; the first one, Victorious Christian Living, was published in 1955. Others were Victorious Prayer (1956), Victorious Christian Service (1958), The Royal Route to Heaven (1960), Blessings Out of Buffettings (1965), The Making of a Man of God (1962), and Law and Liberty and Captivity to Conquest (1978).
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